Advantages of wearing wigs

1. Instant solution for any bad hair day. Running late? Stylist gave you a raw deal? COVER UP WITH A HIGHSTREET99 WIG!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Offers convenience - no matter how hectic your day is, you can easily have a super hairstyle WITHIN minutes. 

3. Style versatility - hair styles can be changed easily to match each occasion - Interview? Board meeting? Office party? Important Date..............................?. OFFERS INSTANT LENGTH, WIDTH, COLOUR.

4. Makes style changeovers to you actual hair, easy e.g from long to a short style; black to blond or vice versa. A wig allows you to ASSESS people's reaction to your change before the actual drastic change.


1. Choose a wig which fits your character. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

2. Choose a color which matches your skin tone, texture and color. A wig should look natural when won.

3.  Choose a style which fits the shape of your face.     

4. Recommends wearing a wig liner under a wig for added comfort.

5. Wear your wig correctly by aligning the small ear-like ends inside your wig with your own ears. 

6. Carry your wig with pride, ITS YOUR SECRET FASHION WEAPON!


1. Do not neglect your hair and scalp when wearing a wig. Wigs do not break hair, but bad hair habits DO break hair.

2. Do not wear a wig on a dry scalp or hair which is not adequately moisturized as this causes itchiness.

3. Do not ignore wig maintenance instructions which are on the wig label. This will help you avoid miserable mistakes.

All our HighStreet99 wigs come with a complete wig maintenance list.